Card Evaluation – Oona’s Prowler


  • 3 power for 2
  • Low colour weight
  • Discard outlet
  • Evasive
  • Cheap (in real money terms)


  • can be neutered by an opponent with a full hand

General Comments

Oona’s Prowler is a wonderful example of a cube card. It’s above the curve, it’s useful in a variety of decks, and it’s (to varying degrees) skill intensive.  It’s one of the best creatures in two different decks ; the reanimator deck, and the BX aggro deck.  A 3/1 flier for 1C is absurd, and can easily hold a place in an aggro deck, and is a wonderful turn 1 play off a moxen. It equally well holds it’s place in a reanimator deck, getting in some early damage, eating a creature, or discarding fatties.

Verdict:360 staple, unless you have no aggro or reanimator support


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