Card Evaluation – Stoneforge Mystic


  • Bypasses counterspells.
  • Tutors for some of the most powerful cards in the cube.
  • Can land equipment at instant speed, which is useful with the living weapon mechanic.
  • can land equipment cheaply.
  • hasn’t got a CC casting cost.


  • You can’t guarentee you’ll get a worth-tutoring equipment (and is there fore better in smaller cubes)
  • a 1 power for 2 mana isn’t a great deal.
  • relatively expensive cash-wise

General Comments

The wonderful part of Stoneforge Mystic is that it’s like running two of the most broken equipment in your deck.  It quite literally doubles your chances of drawing your jitte, your Sword of Fire and Ice or your Batterskull. This means that your deck is more consistent, which is usually a good thing in cube. Additionally, if you get 2 or more protection swords, you can tutor for the most useful protections at that time, which is great! I’ve played games with Sword of Light and Shadow and Sword of Body and Mind in my deck with Stoneforge Mystic, and it allowed me to tutor for double protection vs a BW control deck and a UG tempo/ramp deck, which in turn lead to my winning.

Now, I’m pretty sure Stoneforge Mystic wouldn’t see very much play if it were just a 1W tutor sorcery.  The factor which pushes it over is the fact this effect comes on a 1/2 body. I know it’s not hugely impressive, but the fact you can search for an equipment, and it comes with a body to equip it to is fairly relevant.

Finally, the ability of the mystic to avoid counterspells and save you mana is surprisingly relevant. With Batterskull, for instant, it saves you 3 mana, which you can then use to bounce it if it gets into trouble.

The only problem with the Mystic is that since the Swords and Jitte are such powerful cards, you can’t guarantee getting any, since they’re all easily first pickable cards, and they might not be in the draft pool to begin with. The former factor isn’t changeable – people are going to pick swords if they can get them. The latter, however, is easily affected by the size of your cube. If you’re running 5 swords in 360, it’s likely you’ll get one in your 90 card sealed pool. If you’re running 5 swords in your 720 cube though, things get a lot more shakey.

Verdict: 360 staple, but gets worse as you get bigger.


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