Card Evaluation – Shadowmage Infiltrator


  • Evasive
  • Repetitive card drawing
  • 1/3 body can eat a lot of aggro one and two drops.


  • Not as evasive as Thieving Magpie
  • 3 toughness means it eats bolts
  • The guy in the artwork looks really smug
General Comments

The main problem with Ophidian and Ophidian Clones is that due to their lack of evasion, unless they connect, or have a large body, they’re awful. A 1/3 for 3 isn’t too hard for most decks to block ,so the majority of cubes only run Thieving Magpie and Shadowmage Infiltrator, since they have evasion. Some also run Ninja of the Deephours, because it’s likely to get through first time.

The main advantage the Infiltrator has over Thieving Magpie is that it comes down a turn earlier, and so can draw an extra card / starting blocking earlier. It’s debatable whether fear is better than flying, since there are a similar number of flying creatures to black creatures in my cube, and so in general, there’s little advantage either way. The tipping points are that flying allows more creatures to be blocked, and fear allows near complete unblockability in some matchups.

In regards to other Dimir cards, Infiltrator can come down the same turn as (what is in my opinion) the best Dimir card, Psychatog. The difference being, that usually you won’t need to curve into Psychatog as keenly as you would if you were curving into Infiltrator.  I would never say to include Infiltator in over Psychatog, since they should both be in all cubes in my opinion, but I’d struggle with which one I’d include if I had to pick. Regarding all other Dimir cards, I’d put Infiltrator certainly above them, whether it be oona, agony warp or recoil.

Verdict : 360 staple


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