Card Evaluation – Keldon Champion


  • Direct damage
  • Haste
  • Reasonable toughness
  • is in fairly loose sectionCheap (in real money)


  • Has an almost direct upgrade
  • Low Toughness
  • Echo

General Comments

Keldon Champion used to have a staple status in most cubes, usually playing out as 6 damage after a wrath, or peaking your opponent off at the top of the curve.  Echo usually wasn’t paid, and Champion had good synergy with grafted wargear and skullclamp. Then came Mirrodin Besieged, and Hero of Oxid Ridge. HoOR immediatly replaced Champion in most lists, due to it’s lack of echo, 4 power, and battle cry. Obviously it’s last ability, to stop walls blocking, is pretty useful, but it means when HoOR gets block, it always dies.

Champion is a perfectly fine card to curve into in aggro, and I certainly wouldn’t blame anyone for running it in their cubes, but I think its time is past, and now it should be replaced by HoOR in most lists. That being said, I could see keeping Champion in for budget reasons.
Verdict: 600 cards


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