Upcoming Changes, with NPH!

Hi guys, here’re my changes, scheduled for after NPH release.


Lone Missionary -> Porcelain Legionaire

I had to fit this card in somewhere, it’s an obscene deal as a 3/1 for 2. Originally, I planned to put this in my colourless section, but I found it was even harder to find a cut there for it, so white’ll do. Lone Missionary hasn’t seen much play recently, so hopefully this’ll be a more productive use of this slot.

Mistral Charger -> Accorder Paladin

The reasoning for this switch is twofold. Firstly, it came from a recommendation from Mark Oberdries that he can and does run the Paladin before either Pegasi, and I hold great respect for his opinion. Secondly, people have started slowing their decks down here at the moment, and I think Accorder Paladin will remind some players of the power of aggro, and why you should account for an early game in cube. Also, it’s an awesome card. I think my judgment might be clouded by memories of Blade of the Sixth pride, but this should be a pretty efficient upgrade upon that, and that only just misses out.

My main concern with my white 2 drops is making sure that they’re almost all 1W creatures. I’m probably going too far on this, but a common problem in WX failing in some cubes is running too many WW creatures, which are difficult to bring down on the curve, and result in a virtual tempo loss. Only cutting 1W for 1W creatures should be okay though.


Coralhelm Commander -> Tinker

CC is a pretty nice bomb in the UX tempo deck, but that deck is becoming increasingly less and less played, since some of the bomby cards for it, Looter Il-kor, soft counters, man-o’-war etc are all high picks in a lot of other decks, so it comes together too infrequently. I’ve wanted to get Tinker in for a while, since it’s a very combotastic card, but it can also work well as a tool box, so I’m hoping this’ll lead to some rewards for more skill intensive drafting. Also, there are several ways of getting an artifact and 3 mana in the first 2 turns, so I’m hoping some for some obscene plays with it.

Enclave Cryptologist -> Treachery

Treachery used to be one of the ‘big 3’ of blue, 3 spells at 5 mana ; Future Sight, Bribery and Treachery. Having this cards would be the core of a rotisserie draft blue deck, and were all considered first pickable. Now, I only consider Treachery to be cubeable at this size, since Future Sight only drew 0-3 cards a turn and was hard to play, and Bribery gets worse as your cube gets quicker, so it’s not so great anymore. Enclave Cryptologist hasn’t been bad here, but the looter effect isn’t 100% required at this size, especially with Looter il-kor  and Magpie sorting through the deck. Also, if you want to use it as a hasty looter, tieing up your mana turn 2 isn’t the best plan in a blue deck, but it wasn’t terrible. Overall, I was just looking for an upgrade. Unfortunately, this’ll be hurting my average cost in blue.

Wake Thrasher -> Time Twister

Although Time Twister is the weakest part of the power 9, it’s still power, and I need it in to claim to be ‘fully powered’. It’s very powerful within it’s own right, is an effect you’d happily splash for, and comes down in a relevant point on the curve.  Should also support combo decks a bit more. Wake Thrasher is actually a really powerful card, and it’s comparable to mirror entity in that on your turn, it’s incredibly powerful, often swinging for 5-7 turn 4, and being a powerhouse in the U tempo deck and American aggro. Unfortunately, sacrifices must be made, and Wake Thrasher was the closest to being cut.


Dauthi Marauder -> Dismember

Dismember looks to be an incredibly piece of removal. Not counting shroud or protection creatures, it only doesn’t kill 2% of creatures in the cube. Even GFTT can’t claim that, which I think is pretty impressive. Additionally, it’s versatility is wonderful, and I don’t mean as a combat trick. It can be played normally as a 1BB, or for a small discount at 1B and 2 life (which I foresee being the most often) and 1 mana plus 4 life, which I can actually see being fairly frequently as well, sort of like a second snuff out. What really breaks this card for me is that it grants pretty hard removal to U, R and G decks, which are otherwise sorely lacking. Dauthi Marauder wasn’t an easy cut, since originally I looked at Snuff Out as my cut. I’ll be keeping an eye on Snuff Out, but it deserves to stay a little while longer I think. My decision to cut the marauder was that it was my weakest 3 drop in black, and the 1 toughness was relevant in a lot of matchups which involved Arc Trail, Forked Bolt and Arc lightning.

Disfigure -> Vampiric Tutor

Something had to come out for VT, and Disfigure seems a little weaker now I’ve got Dismember in as potential 1cmc removal.


No changes.


Harmonise -> Sylvan Library

The amount of card selection Sylvan Library gives me pushes it well above Harmonise in my books, and the ability to pay life for the extra cards is exceedingly useful. Add to that the fact that 4cmc is a critical spot for green, since that’s where it’s fatties start, I think this’ll streamline green decks a little more. You have to be careful though, since some printings of Sylvan Library are very confusingly worded.


Azorius Signet + Absorb -> Grand Arbiter Augustin IV + Hallowed Fountain

Getting some more shocks in an a beautiful control card are well worth a complicated counterspell and a mana rock in my books.

Recoil + Dimir Aqueduct -> Polluted Delta + Underground Sea

Soldifying the mana for this section, and getting another fetch in.

Blackcleave Cliffs + Lavaclaw Reaches -> Blood Crypt + Bloodstained Mire

As above.

Raging Ravine -> Wooded Foothills

Same again

Horizon Canopy -> Windsweapt Heath 

Once more with feeling!

Simic Signet + Simic Growth Chamber -> Tropical Island + Breeding Pool

It’s getting dull now.

Caves of Koilos -> Godless Shrine

Godless Shrine sounds cool, right?

Izzet Signet + Izzet Boilerworks -> Volcanics Island + Steam Vents

5 gold rings!

Llanowar Wastes + Spiritmonger + Putrid Leech -> Overgrown Tomb, Pernicious Deed, Bayou

Spiritmonger is cool, but you get better cards now in this slot, and it’s just not better than Putrefy, Deed or Pulse. It’s unfortunate, but that removal suite is simply too powerful to miss.

90% of the changes are just upgrading old nonbasisc to ABU duals, shocks and fetches, to finish off my land section in the guilded section. This’ll give a total of 32 2 colourl land in the cube(Azorius and Dimir get one extra, due to their manlands/control nature), which should be enough for almost all decks to get at least some fixing.


Triskelion -> Karn Liberated

Karn is at an insane power level, and I had to remove a high costnig colourless card for it, so bai bai trike.

Razormane Masticore -> Batterskull

With removal dodging, vigilance and lifelink, these two cards should destroy aggro equally. I think the lifegain and lack of having to discard on Batterskull gives it the edge, and the living weapon is just gravy.

Loxodon Warhammer -> Sword of War and Peace

Obviously SoWP has to go in , so I had to cut the most similar card. They both gain life and are equipment, so warhammer had to go.

Phyrexian Processor -> Rishadan Port

PP had a brief spell of success in my cube recently, but ultimately I’ve been looking to cut it, since it’s more often bounced or blown up that provided game winning plays. I’ve been wanting to get the 2nd Strip Mine clone in for a while, so here it is,sneaking in!

Pithing Needle -> Mana Crypt

Having both Pithing Needle and Phyrexian Revoker in the cube felt a little like overkill to be honest. The revoker is easier to kill, but my group are picking it higher than needle, since it’s more pro active, since you can start swinging immediately. Mana Crypt provides even more fast mana, which can make games more balance, or more unbalanced, depending on people’s drafting and draws. Hopefully this’ll tweak the cube to make it just a little bit faster, and support stupid tinker plays.

Memory Jar -> Sword of Feast and Famine

People are calling Sword of Feast and Famine ‘the second best sword’ , so I’m getting pretty excited by this. Memory jar is rarely played, and is infrequently good, so this should be a definite upgrade for my group.

Crystal Ball -> Nevinyrral’s Disk

Both of these are midrange/control cards, and after getting SDT, Ball is looking pretty underwhelming. Oblivion Stone has been working pretty well recently, so it’s good to get Nev’s disk in on the fun

My colourless section is now getting pretty tight, which pleases me, as not so long ago, it was the weakest section by far.

Thanks for reading,



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