Card Evaluation – Deadwood Treefolk


  • Card Advantage
  • No ridiculous mana costs
  • Eats / blocks without death most dudes
  • Passes the terminate test
  • Minor wrath protection
  • Poor power/cost ratio
  • Not a huge effect for the cost
  • Does little to affect the board

General Comments

This dude is kinda like Eternal Witnesses big brother, except he’s a little dumber, since he can only return creatures. Oh yeah, he’s also a tree. Go figure. This card can eat most dudes under 4cmc, but at 6cmc, that’s not completely relevant.

If you compare it to other cards at 6cmc in other colours ; Sun Titan, Kokusho, Crater Hellion, et all, Deadwood Treefolk begins to look a little lackluster. Even in green, Rampaging Baloths and even Primeval Titan have a great effect when they hit the board. I think Deadwood Treefolk is one of those cards which is a perfectly fine card, and actually pretty good, but it’s sadly short of the mark for cube. I wouldn’t blame anyone for cubing with it, since it’s incredibly solid, but I’d be very hesitant to suggest cuts for people to put it in.

Verdict : 600 unpowered.


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