Card Evaluation – Sarkhan the Mad


  • Extra card draw in red/black
  • upgrades creatures


  • Kills itself
  • No way of adding loyalty

General Comments

Sarkhan is a weird card. It’s the first planeswalker to have no + ability, which is odd, and at first glance, it’s almost a tribal card. For me, it looks like a second copy of dark confidant or phyrexian arena, but with limited draws instead of life payment. It seems a great card for aggro to curve into, providing reach in the form of card draw, or upgrading a weenie into a dragon.

The main problem with this planeswalker is that most people will run Terminate, Bituminous Blast and Murderous Redcap ahead of it, followed by some mixture of Fulminator Mage , Blightning and Blazing Specter. Personally, I’d rather Sarkhan as the 4th best RB spell, after the big 3 and blazing specter.

My favourite combo with The Mad is to turn all my creatures into largeish dragons with mirror entity, then hit my opponent for lethal.

Verdict : 500 unpowered maybe, maybe 600.


2 responses to “Card Evaluation – Sarkhan the Mad

  • Peter

    I run Sarkhan the Mad as well and agree that it is one of the top 4 B/R cards that you can run. I love the card advantage and the fact that it can upgrade your itchy aggro critters into relevant finishers.

    Great idea on the Mirror Entity combo. I will have to try that!

  • Jayjay

    Half playable, guess why? ;D

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