Card Evaluation – Daze


  •  free counterspell
  •  no card disadvantage
  •  reasonable real cost


  •  soft counterspell
  • only works when opponent is tapped out

 General Comments

If you play with force spike, you know how often people tap  out. Whether it’s an aggro deck curving into Armageddon, or a control deck dropping its bomb, most decks think they’re safe if you’ve only got one mana. Now, think of how safe they’ll feel if you’re tapped out. They’ll think their safe, and drop the biggest, most expensive card they can. Which you then counter with your free force spike. great fun!

One of the best things about Force Spike is that you can stop a card your opponent plays on the curve early game. However, paying the alternative cost for Daze early game usually loses you enough tempo to really set yourself behind. This difference is probably why Force Spike is widely played, whereas Daze is considered a dark horse card.

Daze just lost its spot in my cube to Force of Will, and I think most people underrate how often people tap out mid-late game, when the tempo loss isn’t as great, although I probably rate it a little too high.

Verdict : 450 unpowered, 550 powered


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