Card Evaluation – Lightning Greaves


  • equip 0
  • reuseable haste
  • reuseable shroud
  • EDH staple, so isn’t as cheap as something other cards (I’m clearly grasping at straws)

General Comments

I like Lightning Greaves. I really do. I mean, granting some creatures shroud is just silly. Baneslayer with shroud and haste is only killable by about 10 cards in my cube, and 9 of them are mass removal, and the other is the only bigger flier in the cube. If you get Lightning Greaves on wurmcoil engine, your opponent needs some creatures quickly, or they’ll be gone pretty quickly. Even on something fairly mediocre, like Liliana’s Spectre, the haste becomes pretty cool.

The trouble is, for all it’s bonuses, for my cube, it just doesn’t make the grade. When you compare it to how awesomely powerful the swords are, or batterskull or jitte, it doesn’t look great. When you compare it to the aggro-specific equipment, bonesplitter and grafted wargear, it just doesn’t give your weenies the leg up they need. I mean, think about it like this. If you’re a control deck, you finishers should pass the vindicate verdict, and so lightning greaves is just gravy. It’s a 23rd card. you could easily replace it with something better,but it’s a fine placeholder in a deck. In aggro, it’s a terrible turn 2 play, and by the time the haste is relevant, your creatures suck. In midrange however, your undercosted fat gets to swing in a turn early. Whilst this might cause older players to reminisce about the old days where Fires of Yavimaya decks were the big dogs, it’s not a big enough effect for my cube, so it gets relegated to the realm of so many cards ; Good, but not good enough.

Verdict : 450


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