Card Evaluation – Basilisk Collar


  • Cheap cost
  • Deathtouch on a weenie is pretty cool
  • Lifelink can make some fatties much better
  • Breaks the aggro mirror
  • Allows aggro weenies to kill midrange fatties.


  • Awful art
  • No P/T increase

General Comments

This card is actually pretty well summed up by it’s pros and cons. I don’t think I can articulate well enough that equipment in cube must give either a P/T boost, or the most ridiculous abilities imaginable. I don’t think Collar reaches the second requirement. I mean, if it were akroma’s memorial on an equipment, then I could see it. But lifelink and deathtouch? Nah, not crazy enough for me.

I think a lot of the time people focus on how you can use it to kill midrange fatties with your weenies in aggro. Hint : They’re not going to block. Unless you’ve whacked this on something which is pretty big already, they’re not going to block it. I mean, do I really care if my opponent deals me 2 and gains 2? I’ll just flatten his other creatures. On the other hand, it reminds me vaguely of the pegasi, in that the only cards which can block pegasi other than Thieving Magpie are big fatties, so it has pseudo unblockability, since who’ll trade their Sower of Temptation for your Pegasus? (hint: not me). In the same way, I’m not going to trade my Blastoderm for your 2/1 lifelink deathtoucher. It’s just not worth it to me. The difference here being that I will have blockers before 6cmc for creatures equipped with Basilisk Collar. The time Collar shines is when you can block something with it, and I’m pretty apathetic about things which are good for blocking (other than wall of denial).

I’m afraid that it doesn’t really compare to other equip. It doesn’t give a PT boost, so there’s no point comparing it to Grafted Wargear or Bonesplitter. So, what do you compare it to? The swords? Because it sucks next to them. I’m not sure what other equipment people are running, but I’m pretty sure this shows that actually, yeah, basilisk collar sucks. It’s fine as filler, but nothing beyond that in my opinion.

Verdict : 600


2 responses to “Card Evaluation – Basilisk Collar

  • tomchaps

    How would you compare it to, say, Shuko or Darksteel Axe or Trusty Machete? They represent the next level down of equipment, and it’s hard for me to judge…

  • sexyindiancurry

    I’d rank Basilisk Collar above Shuko, DS Axr and Machete, since it functions well in midrange and goodstuff.dec , whereas DS Axe and Machete take too much mana to equip to be great in aggro, and I don’t think +1/+0 is relevant in cube.

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