Changes happenin’ !

I’ve already covered these in my previous changes, but plans change a little, so here are a few changes :

Wakethrasher -> Tinker

Wakethrasher has been really solid here. It frequently finds a good place in any nonhard control blue deck, and american aggro/control. The trouble is, as I power up my cube, and get some awesome cards in, I have to cut back on great cards. I could either start removing awesome control cards which have a lot of redundancy, like Ponder or Preordain, or I could start removing the more tempo-only cards ; The three ‘tempo only’ cards I run are Wakethrasher , Coralhelm Commander, and Kira, Great Glass Spinner. Coralhelm Commander comes down in a really sweet place on the curve, where blue tempo lacks a lot, and Kira gives your entire freakin’ team shroud. The weakest link was Wakethrasher, so it had to go. I know at least one guy in my group will mention this to me, since it can and has lead to some very bomby plays.

Tinker had to come in though. It’s the ultimate combo piece, it gives older players a great sense of nostalgia, and it’s the quickest win-con in the cube. The fact it can act as a win-con and a toolbox is great for me.  Moxen look good to sacrifice, but also a Tanglewire with one counter left on it, an irrelevant late-game sol ring, or a token from Myr Battlesphere. I’m excited about the possibilities.

Spiritmonger -> Pernicious Deed

One card is good for The Rock. One card is great for the Rock. Like Tinker, it was only a matter of time before I needed to get a Deed.  It’ll wipe weenies, moxen , and tokens early game, and then late game obliterate an entire board. I also like how it can be abused to create asymmetry, making it a much better wrath effect. I also look forward to a play described in a war stories thread on MTGS, involving wiping the board every turn by returning deed with sun titan every turn.

Crystal Ball -> Nevinyrral’s Disk

I’m a big fan of crystal ball. It’s like SDT, but with a pseudo shuffle effect built in.  The downside is that it costs more to play, taps, and only sees two cards. Whilst I didn’t have SDT, crystal ball was pretty well played, providing card filtering for slower decks. Now I have SDT though, Crystal Ball has fallen by the wayside. Therefore, I might as well cut it for another tool for controlling decks.

Nev’s Disk has a pretty big history, been played since Alpha, great tinker target, and it allows BR control to deal with enchantments. It really fills in a lot of holes, and I’m hoping it’ll allow some of the more controlling archetypes to really shine.

As always, thanks for reading,


As always, thanks for reading,



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