Card Evaluation – Mental Misstep


  • ‘free’ , colourless counterspell
  • Specific targets
General Comments

In my cube, there are 52 targets for MM. Within those 52, there are some sweet targets ; I’d be very happy to counter a turn 1 Sol Ring,Land Tax or Mana Vault, and later, I’d be happy to counter Skullclamp, Rancor, StP or PtE. Some targets are less good. Whilst it’d probably put me up on life, countering a turn 1 elite vanguard feels pretty meh to me. I might actually try and find a spot for MM if it countered things with cmc 1 or less. That way, I’d be able to snag moxen, black lotus, and mana crypt, which I’d happily pay 2 life to counter.

The best case scenario for MM is to catch a Land Tax or mana accelerant turn 1, and thus screw up your opponents game plan. The worst case scenario is that your opponent isn’t running anything with cmc1, and it’s literally a blank for your deck. I can see an average scenario being that your opponent will drop one of their few cmc1 cards early on, and you haven’t drawn MM yet, leaving you with a dud. This is pretty much the worst case scenario, but I can see it happening a lot.

Another problem with it is that as you increase the size of your cube, you get more 1cmc cards, but their quality significantly decreases, making MM worse. As you get smaller, the quality increases, but the bar becomes too high for MM to make the cut.

Verdict : Just don’t.


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