Help wanted

Hullo there my loyal subjects,

I kneel down before you now. As you’ve noticed, for almost a week now, my posts have been dwindling. This is because I’ve run out of interesting things to write about. I could keep writing about indivdual cards and draft strategies, but they’re beginning to get a little old (for you, and me).

So, here’s your challenge.  If you can come up with something for me to write about, you’ll get a cookie. Leave you interesting ideas in the comment section, or contact me on MTGS, or email me at therubberpirate at hotmail dot com. All ideas are welcome, even if you think they’re stupid. After all, I might be able to combine several ‘stupid’ ideas into one mega awesome super idea. Y’know, like when power rangers combine into the megazord.

Alternatively, if you think you’ve got talent, write an article yourself. I’m always happy to host stuff on here for others, and you’ll be internet famous for it! If having 30 people see it counts as famous.

There’s your challenge. I hope you feel up to the mark, and even if you don’t, send me something, even if it’s just a hello! Reward me and I’ll try and reward you with some kickass posts,

Tata for now,



6 responses to “Help wanted

  • Steven


    Different ways to draft, how you draft should affect the design of the Cube, and all that stuff.

    The price of the Cube. The proxy debate. Insurance options. Trust issues involving new players. Trust issues involving anyone. (A spilled soda when playing with Power can ruin the entire night, week, year!)

    Cards/archetypes whose value changes depending on the variance of the size of Cube and other cards. Stoneforge Mystic gets better with more equipment in a small Cube, the reanimation archetype can really come together in a tight list but more cards means that reanimation targets becomes weaker and the spells become less powerful.

    How/if planeswalkers affected Cube design.

    How to shuffle/store Cube.

    Hmmm… I think that’s it. I’ll post more later if I think about some.

  • tomchaps

    First, I don’t think individual card analysis is getting old at all. Keep them going. Perhaps analyze a card you used to run but don’t any longer.

    Run through the rochester draft you’re doing online, and explain your picks, once it’s finished.

    The reanimation archetype.

  • Billy

    Could you reveiw G/X ramp? I have a small (270) powered cube with most of the green ramp cards, but I’m searching for things to ramp into… what would you recommend? How many fatties would you play in such a deck?

    • sexyindiancurry

      I’ll try. I’m looking to get more non-draft strategy and card evaluation posts up, but they’re my bread and butter! The next draft strategy I’ll do will be G/X ramp.

      I’d preferably get 4-5 cards at about 5 cmc, and then 2-3 in 6-8cmc. I’m kinda guessing though. Next time I play GX ramp, I’ll count!

  • Imthewhiterabbit

    The different ways of preparing packs before a draft (be it 9-15 cards packs… Random, semi random, fixed colors, if fixed/semi-, how???

    The limits of all these?

  • Imthewhiterabbit

    One subject that would be cool is to discuss the number and proportions of lands of each colors depending on the cards drafted… Do you use 16-18 lands? When do you drop to 15? How do you make the split between colors…


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