Protecting your cube

Most of us have put a lot of time and money in our cubes, especially if they’re been pimped with limited release foils, signatures and alters. The current value of my cube is something like $1,000 , and I know my cube isn’t very pimp (about 20% foil), so I imagine some peoples cubes could easily be worth upwards of 3 or 4k. Therefore , you’re going to want to protect your investment.


Now, seriously, if anyone is cubing with an unsleeved cube, they should be stripped off it and banned from the DCI. At least get some regular sleeves on it. Preferably, you would use KMC perfect fit sleeves, then cover them with a regular sleeve of your choice.  Single sleeving protects your cards from general wear and tear, whereas double sleeving renders them pretty safe, and even (much more) waterproof (but not completely so).

The second advantage of sleeves is that they render all your cards uniform from the back, so noone can guess what card it on top of your library. Double sleeves thicken your cards sufficiently that it’s harder to tell which cards are proxies (which tend to be thicker)


Most of us have a box for our cubes, but there are a few who don’t. A box makes carrying your cube, keeping it sorted, and keeping it safe fairly easy. You want a fairly sturdy box, preferably make from a thin, light wood, but usually from stiff cardboard. You really, really don’t want your box to bend or bulge when it’s full of cards, since it’ll damage the box, and you really don’t want any cards to fall out. I can also advise putting a little duct tape on each corner, since I found that they’re the parts which damage the quickest.


This is the big one. If your cube is a victim of flood, fire, or airport baggage claims, no number of sleeves or boxes will save it. If you travel with your cube, internationally or just to GPs, it might be worth getting it insured. You  should be able to get special coverage for your cube under your home insurance, and you’ll probably want to make sure it’s for a total loss (aka, your cube goes missing), and specifically what you’re covered for. It’d be awful to having your backpack with your cube stolen at a GP, only to find your insurance company only cover it being damaged in fire or flood. You should be able to arrange this by contacting your insurance agent, and if you have any questions, just ask them, and I’m sure they’ll be able to answer all your questions.

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