Black aggro – why, how, and what?

Hey guys!

There are a lot of ways to build a lot of sections in cube. Blue can have artifact-matters subthemes, with academy ruins, tolarian academy, and tezzeret the seeker, or a tempo subtheme, with Standstill, Spellstutter Sprite and Ninjas, or just run more control redundancy, like extra draw effects or more counterspells. Green can be completely devoted to ramp, and run lots of mana dorks, or it can be focussed on the midrange side of green, and run 12 cards at 4cmc, or it can have aggro and land destruction sub themes. The theme I run in black is black aggro, and I think it’s exceptionally powerful.

Firstly, black has 3 2 power 1 drops, which is the same as white and green. These are the bread of aggro, and 3 is a good number to have, so there’s nothing wrong there. The butter to that bread is decent 2 drops, and black has some doozies. Firstly, Dark-freaking-confidant, probably the third best black card in cube (after Mind Twist and Recurring Nightmare). It’s card advantage on a stick ,and it does it whilst being a 2/1 for 2. There’s also dauthi slayer, oona’s prowler, and bloodghast backing it up, providing evasion/recurring potential. If you’re supporting a more monoblack role in your black section, Nantuko Shade can be completely sick here.

Black has probably the best aggro support in cube. Bitterblossom, Sinkhole, the 100 million black discard spells – all counter towards your aggro deck being ridiculously pro. I mean, get a suntail hawk every turn for 2 mana? Boomtown! LD at 2 mana? You’re havin’ a laugh! Discard my hand for 4 mana? Good joke right? These sound ridiculous, but they exist in black, and they’re excellent aggro support.  Even old classics like Dark Ritual can break games.

Black has ridiculous curve toppers. A lot of people say that blacks main strength is midrange, and this allows for some great 3-5 drops. If you’re super super low curve, Hypnotic Specter is a beast from hell against some decks. Playing against a GW deck with few fliers, this can seal a game pretty tightly. Other classics include undercosted fat (plague sliver), card advantage engines (shriekmaw and graveborn muse), awesome reach (ob nix), and an archetype definer (Braids).

I think one possible reason why people don’t run black aggro in there cube is that whilst there’s plenty of support for it, there’s actually not a huge number of good aggro creatures in black. There are enough for a 360 cube, and probably enough for 450, but as you get higher, the quality of aggressive black creatures diminishes and diminishes, and as we all know, you need a lot of redundency for aggro to work.

I guess I’m in the party of ‘do not get’ with black aggro. It’s got better support than most colours,and can partner up with white and red really, really well. I hear if you run a tempo blue section, and an aggressive black section, the UB tempo/aggro deck is the most powerful deck in cube.

So, if your cube is 500 or less, you’re having trouble supporting aggro, or you’re just feeling like a change, give black aggro a try. It’s powerful, and versatile, and I can highly recommend it,

Thanks for reading!



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