New cards – First M12 spoilers!

As some of you may know, we have our first M12 spoilers

First off, we have Chandra’s Phoenix!

A good few people are pretty excited about this phoenix, and I can confidently say I’m not one of them. As a 2/2 hastey flier for 3, it’s actually pretty good. The recursion is pretty gravysome here. Whilst it’s good in RX aggro to help it out after a wrath, and it has cute synergy with Chandra Ablaze, this card is just a little short of the mark for me. A 2R cost might just push it, but this doesn’t seem better than Fire Imp, Hell’s Thunder, or the Vandals, I would really like a more aggressive 3 drop for red. I just don’t think this phoenix is it.

Next is the ‘hexproof’ treefolk – Dungrove Elder!



Hexproof (trollshroud)


X=number of forests you control.

Hexproof is powerful. We know this, because Troll Ascetic and Thrun are almost crazy with how good they are sometimes. But with dungrove elder, casting it on the curve, it’s disappointing. Would you play a 2G 3/3 hexproof? Because I’m not 100% sure I would. Especially since it’s not a 2G 3/3 hexproof. It’s actually costed at GGG, because thats the only way this card isn’t awful casting it on the curve. In this way, I think it suffers from Phyrexian Obliterator Syndrome – it could be good, but it doesn’t matter, since it has the ridiculous cost. In my cube, I’m not looking for a 2/2 hexproof for 2G, and I don’t think anyone else is either. Pass.

Finally it’s the awful yet awesome card : Gorehorn Minotaurs



Bloodthirst 2

Let me put this out here now. This card isn’t good. I’m not going to tell you this card is good. An unreliable 5/5 for 4 isn’t great in red. I mean, Blastoderm and Calciderm are cool, but this really isn’t the same breed. What this card IS, is encouraging. Why? Because getting a 1R 2/1 bloodthirst 1 is both powerful and perfectly reasonable. Because Bloodthirst can allow for good, cheap aggro creatures. A really weak area for red is its 2 drops , and I for one would love a cheap bloodthirst creature. It’d be sweet, to say the least.

For more information, and to see pictures of the latter 2 cards., see the Wizards’ announcement here.


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