Card Evaluation – Pianna, Nomad Captain


  • Anthem effect
  • Not an awful body


  • 1CC casting cost
  • No evasion

General Comments

I used to really like Pianna. White’s primary method of aggro reach is the anthem effect, and with a lot of tokens, it can get messy. I’m sure at some point, we’ve all played cloudgoat ranger with glorious anthem in play. It feels pretty good to play a 4/4 and 3 2/2s for 5. Maybe that’s just me. But yes, anthem effects are pretty powerful in cube, and in general. One reason I like playing anthems is that it allows you to up your damage significantly whilst not completely overextending yourself. The anthems I run in my cube are Soltari Champion, Glorious Anthem, Accorder Paladin,Hero of Bladehold, and, if you count it as an anthem, mirror entity. I find this is a good amount of anthems, and as you can see, Battlecry is pretty sweet as an anthem.

Pianna is pretty sweet. I’m not sure whether she makes the cut at 450 now, since Mirran Crusader is pushing her out,and her anthem effect is less valuable with battlecry about, but I wouldn’t blame anyone for playing Pianna at that size. Pianna’s main problem is that she’s got no WOW factor. She’s got no evasion, no protection, no insane-ness about her. She’s basically a 3/3 glorious anthem on the attack, which is fine. Trouble is, without that wow-factor, it falls short of the other three drops in white in cube. If you compare it to the other anthems, they’re all harder to kill (glorious anthem), have evasion (soltari champ) , cost little (accorder paladin) , or are broken off their face (Hero of Bladehold + Mirror Entity).  Once again, it’s a card which is good, but probably not good enough anymore.

Verdict : 500


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