Card Evaluation – Leonin Relic-Warder


  • 2 power for 2
  • silver bullet on a stick


  • CC cost
  • in a stacked section
  • no evasion

General Comments

I really liked Ronom Unicorn when it was in my cube. It was a cool bear, and it could just swing until my opponent played control magic or whatever, and then I could kill the annoying enchantment, in my aggro deck, without being 2 for 1d. So, in short, I really like Leonin Relic-Warder. He’s got a big tempo bonus, and if you play in a powered environment, he gets a lot better. Turn 2, take out your mox? Sweet.

I can see this guy having tons of value in any WX aggro deck, since  LR-W is on a body, which makes it a lot better for those decks than Disenchant.  Getting a body to beat down with, in addition to a silver bullet is the key value piece for this card. My problem with it is, is that white two drops is probably the tightest section in cube (except like,green four drops?), and so a CC card has to be insane to make it in. My current CC cards are Knight of Meadowgrain , Soltari Monk and Soltari Priest. I don’t think LR-W is on that standard, so it doesn’t make the cut at 360.

I’m sure there’s some benefit to the animate dead combo with this. I just can’t see it.



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