Match report – Star 1/8/11


I had a good time last night at my friend Will’s house, where we got a cheeky star game going. We drafted individually, and we drafted 5×9. I ended up coming 2nd to last, but good fun was had by all.

We sat (going counterclockwise): Tom (me) , Michael , Will, Finn, Ben.  I made a lot of comments whilst drafting that since we were playing multiplayer, I might as well have taken the red section out of the cube. How wrong I was.

P1P1 , I opened a surprisingly mediocre pack, with Sensei’s Divining Top being the obvious pick. Then I was passed a pack with a mox and mana drain, and I took Mana Drain, since I’ve never played it. Unfortunately, I took the decision at this point to play blue, instead of waiting, not committing, and that turned out to be a little bit of a mistake. I was a bit flagrant with some of my picks, taking blue, white, black and red cards. I was incredibly lucked to get a P2P2 LoA, where Ben had taken Student of Warfare over it. Don’t worry, I’m still confused over that. I took some UX duals early, and ended up in a UBw control build, in the hopes of taking advantage of the slow nature of a multiplayer format. Unfortunately, everyone else appeared to have the similar ideas., with only three decks amongst 5 people.

The game progressed fairly slowly at first, with me keeping my 7, going last, drawing LoA, and maintaining my 7 for a while. Unfortunately, my deck lacked the ability to do anything, and except playing a few reanimation spells, getting Elspeth Tirel into play, and having my gideon quickly killed, I did little. We played for about 90 minutes, and at the end, after I had the turn of Mystical Tutor for Upheaval, Brainstorm. I then sat there, while everyone gave me evils. I didn’t play it, and lost when it reached my enemies. One great play was seeing all my creatures kill by my opponents mountains, with a koth emblem.

My deck


  • Scrubland
  • Hallowed Fountain
  • Undeground Sea
  • Verdant Catacombs
  • Bloodstained Mire
  • Arid Mesa
  • Polluted Delta
  • Mishra’s Factory
  • Rishadan Port
  • Library of Alexandria
  • Maze of Ith
  • 4 swamps
  • 3 islands
  • 1 plains
  • Psychatog
  • Meloku, the clouded mirror
///artifacts / enchantments
  • sensei’s divining top
  • mind stone
  • animate dead
  • necromancy
  • vedalken shackles
  • control magic
///instants / sorceries
  • brainstorm
  • mystical tutor
  • mana drain
  • arcane denial
  • miscalculation
  • timetwister
  • thirst for knowledge
  • gifts given
  • fact or fiction
  • time spiral
  • upheaval
  • profane command
1 Elspeth Tirel
1 Gideon Jura
As you can see, I got a fairly nice mana base, a couple walkers, some draw 7s, and upheaval. the main problem with my deck is the complete lack of removal and ways to win. I essentially played solitaire for the first 10 turns of the game, drawing cards and that’s about it. It was pretty fun to play,but I wish I’d had more gas.
Ben’s deck
  • Celestial Colonnade
  • Watery Grave
  • Tundra
  • Marsh Flats
  • 4 swamps
  • 4 plains
  • 4 islands
  • student of warfare
  • nezumi graverobber
  • flickerwisp
  • nekrataal
  • sower of temptation
  • mulldrifter
  • keiga, the tide star
  • black lotus
  • black  vise
  • oblivion ring
  • recurring nightmare
  • faith’s fetter
  • treachery
  • force of will
  • vampiric tutor
  • ponder
  • swords to plowshares
  • demonic tutor
  • balance
  • sinkhole
  • hymn to tourach
  • consuming vapors
  • day of judgment
  • capsize
In my opinion, Ben didn’t have enough creatures with ETB abilities to abuse Recurring Nightmare, although I guess with tutors, it wouldn’t have been so hard to get recurring nightmare + any two of Keiga, Nekrataal and Mulldrifter. Still, I’d like some redundency in the targets, and to not have to rely on tutors for them. That being said, this isn’t recurring nightmare.dec, and he did have a lot of powerful plays. I think Ben or I could’ve easily won the draft if either of us had read the table better, and moved into a colour pair, instead of the trio. Ben could’ve happily moved into WB, I could’ve moved into UB, and we could’ve been happy.
Finn’s deck -1st place.
  • scalding tarn
  • misty rainforest
  • steam vents
  • 7 mountains
  • 6 islands
  • man-o’-war
  • fire imp
  • venser, shaper savant
  • flametongue kavu
  • thieving magpie
  • wurmcoil engine
  • inferno titan
  • mox sapphire
  • mox ruby
  • coalition relic
  • batterskull
  • ancestral recall
  • forked bolt
  • lightning bolt
  • incinerate
  • arc trail
  • staggershock
  • char
  • electrolyze
  • Koth
  • Chandra 1
  • Chandra 3
  • Jace 3
I’d really love to call Finn’s deck counterburn, due to the theme and colours, but the complete lack of counters means I can just call it improved burn ; yknow, because adding blue to any deck immediatly makes it better. Finn ultimately won , through sticking multiple walkers and since I had no creatures, burning all of michael’s stuff. It’s possibly my fault Finn won, due to my complete lack of threats, but, credit to him, he piloted his deck very well, and won fairly convincingly.
Michael’s deck
  • windswept heath
  • 9 forests
  • 5 plains
  • birds of paradise
  • steppe lynx
  • wild nacatl
  • joraga treespeaker
  • stoneforge mystic
  • soltari monk
  • qasali pridemage
  • viridian shaman
  • eternal witness
  • vengevine
  • wickerbough elder
  • calciderm
  • phantom centaur
  • deranged hermit
  • acidic slime
  • woodfall primus
  • mox pearl
  • mox diamond
  • mox jet
  • sol ring
  • grafted wargear
  • sword of war and peace
  • kodama’s reah
  • elspeth, knight errant
  • ravages of war
  • creeping mold
I can try and knock michael as much as I like for playing so many low drops in a multiplayer format, but he almost took out ben in a very aggro-eque style, so I can’t pretend he didn’t do anything.He was my ally, but unfortunately, I just let him get smashed by all of finn’s burn. Michael could’ve done well if I were a better team player :3
Will’s deck
  • city of ass
  • savannah
  • wasteland
  • 8 forests
  • 8 plains
  • savannah lions
  • elite vanguard
  • pouncing jaguar
  • river boa
  • lone missionary
  • stormfront pegasus
  • tarmogoyf
  • mirror entity
  • soltari champion
  • phyrexian metamorphy
  • great sable stat
  • blastoderm
  • indrik stomphowler
  • baneslayer angel
  • yosei, the morning star
  • sundering titan
  • mox emerald
  • enlightened tutor
  • vines of vastwood
  • rancor
  • land tax
  • disenchant
  • life from the loam
  • ajani goldmane
  • garruk, primal hunter
Once again, Will has the same deck as Michael, to the detriment of them both. Unfortunately, will didn’t draw his little beasts early, and so couldn’t lay down a beat down like michael did. Something of note : he’s running loam with only one target, and phyrexian metamorph without any blue mana.
Overall, Finn won, with his enemies, michael and I, going out in that order. However, it was a good oppotunity to see friends, and get to play with some new cards.
Thanks for reading,

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