Card Evaluation – Skinshifter


  • can be bigger than almost anything early on
  • stays fairly relevant throughout the game
  • versatile modes of play
  • easy to play
  • poor man’s goyf
  • cheap!
  • looks like Jesus


  • Basically has an upkeep cost
  • Disrupts the curve if you want to beat early
  • tiny body

General Comments

Initally, I was really excited by Shinshifter when M12 was being previewed. I got all excited, because you could beat for 4 on turn 3 off your two drop, and it was all quite exciting. Then I realised that the upkeep cost is pretty irritating in a green deck. Most of my GX decks really like to play  a three drop on turn three, and a four drop on turn 4.  Unfortunately, in order to beat for maximum damage with skinshifter, you need to play your three drop turn 4, and your four drop turn 5, which isn’t as much fun.

My most common test I apply to most cards in cube (other than the vindicate verdict) is how it stacks up against other cards at that mana cost, in that colour. So skinshifter is in contest, probably, with Tarmogoyf, Rofellos, Lotus Cobra, the boas,scavenging ooze, wild mongrel, STE, fauna shaman, and a wall. Jesus might be able to displace the wall, although looking to other places, there are probably other cuts to be made for skinshifter in my cube (most likely farseek)

Verdict:450+ definitely, maybe smaller, needs more testing


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