You make the pick! – 28/8


Sorry for the delay, we had some technical difficulties with the polls, but we hope they’ll be up soon.


Here’s the photo:

Top Row: Mox Ruby, Day of Judgment ,Noble Hierarch,Jace Beleren,Yosei

Middle Row:Eternal Witness , Bane of the Living , Black Vise , Volrath’s Stronghold , Ember Hauler

Bottom Row:Scrubland , Sword of Fire and Ice , Hero of Oxid Ridge ,Kitchen Finks, Mana Leak


Thanks for your patience,




2 responses to “You make the pick! – 28/8

  • merl

    I think that it’s worth saying what you would pick first, then if that card magically vanished from the pack and you had to pick from what remained, what you would take next etc etc.

    This pack is fairly boring in the sense that I think it’s just flat out right to pick the mox and sword first and second.

    After that however, it gets interesting.

    I think that Eternal Witness, Hero of Oxid Ridge, Kitchen Finks, Jace Beleren and Volrath’s Stronghold are the best cards, conveniently enough covering all 5 colours. I think I would pick Eternal Witness there as the most powerful cards.

    • sexyindiancurry

      But there’s still contention. For example, I’d take the sword above the mox.

      You’re right though, there are a few near-auto picks in my cube sometimes. There’s no way to avoid them though – if I remove them, the bar is lowered, and there are still things which were slightly less powerful which becomes the new autopicks.

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