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I’m baaaaack!

After a little hiatus from magic, I’m back, ready and raring to cube. In my absence, several sets have been released, and a new tool over at has appeared. I’m hoping to produce some new content, including more You Make the Picks, and a new format of video following me as I try and draft on cubetutor. Hopefully I’ll be around for a while.

Unfortunately, unless a card is particularly contentious or new, I won’t be running any more card evaluations – many cards have been discussed to death, and there’s no requirement for my opinion to be put on a pedestal here.

Ciao for now,




New format!

Hey there!

In an effort to get more content out, and more people reading this, I’ve got a new schedule for segments coming out in this blog!

Monday : A card evaluation

Tuesday: Article about managing the cube



Friday:A card evaluation

Saturday: article about drafting the cube

Sunday: You make the pick!


On Wednesday/ Thursday, I might highlight any interesting cube videos, or link to articles by other cube owners. I may also take the time , on a sunday, to make note of everything I’ve learned about cube in that week.

I hope I’ve been clear, and I hope this new structure works!


nb: These days are in the UK,and if I don’t get something out on the day, I’ll just double up the next.

Apologies – Hiatus

There’s nothing special in this post, I just wanted to have a reminder here than the blog is currently on hiatus until the 27th of June, when my exams finish, so don’t worry about checking it til then.

Until then, merry cubing,


Help wanted

Hullo there my loyal subjects,

I kneel down before you now. As you’ve noticed, for almost a week now, my posts have been dwindling. This is because I’ve run out of interesting things to write about. I could keep writing about indivdual cards and draft strategies, but they’re beginning to get a little old (for you, and me).

So, here’s your challenge.  If you can come up with something for me to write about, you’ll get a cookie. Leave you interesting ideas in the comment section, or contact me on MTGS, or email me at therubberpirate at hotmail dot com. All ideas are welcome, even if you think they’re stupid. After all, I might be able to combine several ‘stupid’ ideas into one mega awesome super idea. Y’know, like when power rangers combine into the megazord.

Alternatively, if you think you’ve got talent, write an article yourself. I’m always happy to host stuff on here for others, and you’ll be internet famous for it! If having 30 people see it counts as famous.

There’s your challenge. I hope you feel up to the mark, and even if you don’t, send me something, even if it’s just a hello! Reward me and I’ll try and reward you with some kickass posts,

Tata for now,


No content today

For anyone who’s checking this, there’ll be no content up today, since I just finished my pre-university education ,and my full efforts must go to a)getting intoxicated and b)prepare for tomorrow

Thanks for understanding,


Hello world!

Howdy everyone!

My name’s Tom, commonly known as Sexyindiancurry on MTGS, and 61981 on MTGO, and I am a cube addict.

It all started in october 2006, around the release of Time Spiral, when I learned the rules of a game called Magic:The Gathering. I quickly accumulated a small collection of cards, and by 2008, was a regular player in my regional prerelease, ranking mid-bottom each time.

I loved it. MTG as a game was great fun, but I didn’t enjoy playing constructed as much as I did limited. To this day, I have never played in a constructed tournament. Nowadays, I still come to the same prereleases I did before, but now I’m ranking middle-top in a respectable place.

I then read this article, and learned what a cube was. I then forgot about it, and then just about around the release of conflux, I resaw the article plugged somewhere, and thought, yknow what? I wanna do that. So I grabbed together a load of my cards, put them in a box, and started drafting with my friends.

It was truly awful. The cards were terrible, and looking back at that list, I’m actually a little ashamed. But it was still fun. It didn’t matter how bad the cards were, because we were still having fun.

Flashforward to now. I’ve just found out how to properly proxy my cube, and now I’m quickly accumulating power and duals and wonderful things.

Now, I’ve got a friend who’s starting a cube, and the fact that I can help him start, and try to help other new cubers on MTGS, meant I felt I could write about cube; So here I am, about to write about cube.

I’m hoping my articles can be a mix of how to draft cube, and how to make a cube, and how to make a cube on a budget.

Wish me luck!